2016 Reading Challenges


Flights of Fantasy

Hosted by: Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly| Details and Sign Up

Fantasy is my main genre – I became hooked on books like Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia as a child, and my love of exploring other worlds has followed me into adulthood. Participating in this challenge is mostly so I can revisit some old favourites. Some of my favourite fantasy series are releasing their final volumes this year, so I’ll probably be tackling the earlier books on those series first.

I’m aiming to read at least two fantasy books a month and am planning on revisiting the following series: Harry Potter (it’s been awhile since my last reread), The Winner’s Trilogy (the final book is being published in March and I want to refresh my memory), Six of Crows (Crooked Kingdom is slated for a September release and again, I want to refresh my memory). With new titles being released in the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, I also hope to get around to rereading these (but make no promises).

Do you have a fantasy recommendation for me? Leave it in the comments below!


Re-Read Challenge

Hosted by: Belle of the Literati | Details & Sign Up

I participated in this challenge last year and spectacularly failed (my reading kind of fell by the wayside, to be honest), so this year I’ll be setting a more modest goal of one re-read a month. I’m hoping to revisit some of my favourite classics – particularly Austen, because I make a point to try and re-read at least one Jane Austen novel a year. I’ve already started on my first re-read of 2016 – Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. I saw Belvoir St. Theatre’s production last night and immediately pulled out the book from my bookshelves when I got home.


Finishing the Series

Hosted by: Bea’s Book Nook | Details and Sign Up

I am participating in the challenge for one reason, and one reason only: to conquer Jay Kristoff’s The Lotus War trilogy. I’m usually pretty good with finishing series, but I pre-ordered Endsinger and it has been sitting on my shelves ever since.




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