Monthly Summary: January



This month I was lucky enough to see a stage adaptation of Jasper Jones at Belvoir St Theatre. It was absolutely fantastic – the adaptation was well-written and made smart choices, and the cast were brilliant. I walked out of the theatre feeling inspired, I spent the entire drive home discussing it with my friends.


I was quite lazy this month and only managed to read one book – Shtum by Jem Lester (you can find my review here). I did not make any progress in any of my challenges.


I purchased three books this month:



I went back and rewatched Jessica Jones and Daredevil – I’m really excited about Daredevil season two, you guys.



Walt Stillman’s Long-Awaited Jane Austen Adaptation Is HereLady Susan does not get enough love from the Austen fandom, possibly because its in epistolary format; possibly because Lady Susan is conniving and unlikeable. I, personally, adore it because of Lady Susan – she’s so unlike any other Austen character. Why Anne of Green Gables is the Patron Saint of Women Outsiders – Who doesn’t love Anne Shirley? Anne was one of my first literary role models, and taught me about embracing life and being yourself.


4 thoughts on “Monthly Summary: January

  1. I absolutely love the show Jessica Jones! Recently my friend watched it and through her reactions it was like I was all over again ahah, I definitely will binge them at some point! I found it harder to get in to Daredevil – I actually stopped watching after the third episode because of others that I wanted to see more but maybe I’ll come back to it at some point 🙂 great post!
    Enchanted by YA


    1. Oh, I’m the opposite! I loved Daredevil from the first Ep, but it took maybe three episodes for me to really get into JJ. That said, I’d probably love anything MCU gives me (except Age of Ultron, that was terrible).


  2. I didn’t realise there was a stage adaptation of Jasper Jones on! I should see if I can get a ticket. I’ve only read it once, but I remember really loving Jeffrey – was he as great in the stage production as in the book?
    I’m looking forward to the screen adaptation of this as well.

    DAREDEVIL…. I can’t even start with how much I love that show. I love Jessica Jones as well, but I think Vincent D’Onofrio’s turn as Wilson Fisk pushed Daredevil ahead for me. I found him genuinely frightening and I’m a sucker for a good bad guy.
    I think I might rewatch Daredevil before the new season – not long to go now!


    1. Yes! The actor who played Jeffrey was great – he nailed the role. I preferred Daredevil to Jessica Jones as well (although I did love JJ), probably because I prefer crime procedural a to psychological thrillers. It took me a few eps to get into JJ, whereas with Daredevil I was hooked from the first ep.

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