Top Ten Tuesday #11

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Each week, they post a book-related prompt for book bloggers to answer. This week’s prompt is Top Ten Songs I Wish Were Books

  1. Skin & Bone – The Material: This song is like an anthem for women of domestic violence, abuse, and human trafficking. It takes what would be a horrifying experience and somehow manages to give it a hopeful message, and I so badly want a book from this perspective.
  2. Golden Year – LOLO: This song is all about finding yourself, and realising that who you are and who other people imagine you to be are not always the same thing – and that’s okay. Lolo (aka Lauren Pritchard) has talked at length about how she used to try and fit into the image that people had of her, until she realised how destructive she was being to herself – I think that’s an important message to send to teens.
  3.  Cracks in the Floor of Heaven – Oh Honey: This song reminds me so much of the musical The Last 5 Years, although thematically speaking, I don’t think they’re very similar. I just want a book that examines a relationship falling apart and how the two people in it got to a point where they let it fall apart. I’m all about the heartbreak, give me a book or two that’ll make my sob my heart out.
  4. Without You – Oh Wonder I just love this song and the lyrics and the feel behind it and need a story for it.
  5. You & Me – The Veronicas:  This is a beautiful song about the love between two sisters and the bond they share, and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: YA books don’t focus enough on familial relationships.
  6. Father Sky – VersaEmerge: I just want to have a book about someone who struggles with their faith to the point where they become a non-believer. What pushes a person to that point, especially when they’ve grown up devout? Religion fascinates me no end.
  7. Gasoline – Halsey: Whenever I listen to this song, I just have really heavy post-apocalyptic images in my head, Bladerunner-style.
  8. Waiting for Forever – Delta Goodrem: this song is so sad, you guys. SO SAD. What’s it like to be in a relationship that you’re convinced is going to last forever, until it doesn’t?
  9. Paralyzed – Against the Current: I need a book that delicately handles anxiety and depression, and how to emerge from a battle with it more or less okay.
  10. Me & You – With Beating Hearts: Again, this is just a really beautiful song that I loved and can’t help but picture a story in my head every time I listen to it – a couple that have been together for years and can’t admit to themselves that their relationship is over. Heartbreaking.


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