Subscription Box: The YA Chronicles


Hello! This post is well overdue, seeing as I got this box a couple of days before Gemina was published (no, I haven’t read it yet. Yes, I will eventually).

The premise of book subscription boxes has always intrigued me, but I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about signing up for one. For one, I’m kind of a picky reader, and spend forever agonising over whether or not I should read a book (yet somehow, I always manage to buy a lot of books). The whole point of a book subscription box is to surprise the subscriber, and I’m kind of nervous about the idea of not knowing what book(s) I’m getting.

When I saw the YA Chronicles advertising their Gemina box, I immediately signed up for it. While I was enamored with Illuminae like most of the book blogging community, but thought it had lots of potential and was interested in where it was going. I liked that I knew what book that I was getting, and I was also super excited to support both Australian authors and an Australian business (side note: one of the founders of the YA Chronicles is a friend of a friend of mine, and for the past year I’ve been told to support the YA Chronicles – three birds with one stone!).

So, what came in the box?

  • A copy of Gemina signed by the authors;
  • A letter from the authors;
  • An Illuminae bookmark and an author poster from Allen & Unwin;
  • A Gemina tote bag and Illuminae microfibre pouch
  • A schematic print of the Heimdall ship.

Is it worth buying a subscription box? Well, for me – no. While it was cool to receive a signed copy of the book and a little letter from Amie and Jay, I’m not sure I’d bother subscribing again, if only because I probably won’t be using any of the trinkets that came with it. I can’t justify spending $40 on a signed book (as much as I’d like to…). I’m sure if you’re an avid collector of all things fandom, you’ll adore receiving a subscription box from the YA Chronicles (I’m just less fangirl and more boring adult than I thought I was, and that makes my heart sad).




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